The Holy Bible: International Standard Version (ISV)

Good News! Leather & Hardback ISV Bibles to be Printed Soon

For many years, millions of people around the world have used the International Standard Version (ISV) Bible in electronic format using apps/programs from companies such as Olive Tree, Logos and E-Sword. This year, for the very first time, the ISV will be available in hardback and leather editions. We are using to help fund the print run. Click Here For More Information.

Introducing the Holy Bible: International Standard Version

The ISV has been described by independent critics as the most readable and accurate modern English language Bible ever produced. Produced in modern conversational English, the ISV is easily readable by those for whom English is their second language. For international readers, the grammar, vocabulary, and structure of the ISV is consistent with and compatible with American-based English as a language of international commerce.

  • The ISV is the first modern Bible translation that provides a textual apparatus comparing the text of the famed Dead Sea Scrolls with the traditional Masoretic text of the Hebrew Tanakh (i.e., the “Old Testament”).
  • Leather-bound and other printed editions are under development and will be announced when available.
  • More than 5,000,000 electronic copies of the ISV New Testament have been distributed worldwide.
  • The first printed press run sold out in less than a month.
  • The second printed press run sold out before it was printed.
  • The ISV has been universally praised for its readability and accuracy.
  • The ISV is respected by professional Bible translators.
  • The ISV renders the book of Isaiah from the reliable Dead Sea Scrolls, using the Massoretic Text as a comparative.
  • Other Dead Sea Scrolls translations are under development and coming soon.

The ISV is a totally new work translated directly from the original languages of Scripture and derived from no other English translation; it references the most ancient manuscripts available, and the most recent archaeological discoveries. The translators of the ISV have selected the English equivalent that most closely reflects the meaning of the Hebrew, Aramaic, and Greek texts. To learn more about the ISV, download the Introduction PDF here.

Printed editions of the ISV Bible

Koechel-Peterson, the highly respected Bible and Christian book design specialists located in St. Paul, MN, serves as our agents for production of leather and hardback editions of the Holy Bible: International Standard Version. We hope to have printed editions available for purchase by Spring 2017. As of November 2017, design work for the ISV printed text is complete. Actual porting of the ISV text into the completed design template has begun, after which we’ll be preparing the final look and feel of the completed text. Then the ISV will be ready for printing. Please check back with this page for more information as our planned print date approaches. We recommend that you subscribe to our email list, below, to be kept informed about our progress.

ISV Bible apps for iOS and Android devices

The ISV Foundation is pleased to announce ISV apps for both the Apple iOS and Google Android operating systems. These apps were produced for us by a grant from Hosanna Chapel of Bellflower, California and are fully compatible with iOS and Android devices. Each of these apps carry a USD$9.99 download price for US-based users. (We don’t control the prices for these apps.) Prices may be slightly higher outside of the USA. Visit our shop for the links.