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New Translation of the Bible Hailed as the King James Bible for our Time


The First Bible Translation Produced Specifically for Today’s Computer Literate Generation Combines State-of-the-Art Accuracy with Free Up-to-the-Minute Online Upgrades

PORTLAND, OR February 27, 2007

“Contemporary.” “Accurate.” “Distinct.” Scholars are already calling the International Standard Version (ISV) of the Bible “the King James Bible for our time.”

“This is not a revision, but an entirely new translation from the original languages—the first time this has been done in decades,” says Dr. William Welty, Executive Director of the ISV Foundation.

And it’s been developed with a critical eye toward the computer age.

“Upgrades and text changes will be downloadable from the internet free of charge. As the first translation completely developed for a computer-literate generation, readers will have the confidence they’re reading the latest edition scholarship can make available.”

Future projects from ISV Foundation will include Bible-related computer software, critical commentaries, and a network based on biblical texts located in different countries.

Started twelve years ago from the roots of a non-profit organization in California, the original goal was to produce a modern-language version of the Hebrew Old Testament. The project grew to comprise both Old and New Testaments and used renowned scholars from around the world to translate the original ancient Greek, Hebrew, and Aramaic texts.

Reviews, information on the translation committee, and sample text from the ISV can be viewed on their web site at

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