ISV Foundation Policy on Version and Build Updates


Once the ISV is in printed form, we do not expect there to be any other builds. At the present time, build numbers reflect minor updates and corrections, usually typographical errors or transcript errors caused by problems in the the PERL script used to convert files into our ebook MOBI and EPUB formats.

Future Release numbers have not been assigned, but are expected to occur in 2014 when the completed Dead Sea Scroll adaptations are inserted into the text. The Apocrypha will be released at that time, too, so the ISV can be placed into the US military’s chaplaincy program. That will probably be Release 2.1. The chaplaincy program won’t accept a Bible version that does not include the Apocrypha.

We don’t expect an ISV 3.0 until 2021 at the earliest, by the way. No decision on the numbering has been made yet.

All ISV ebook editions are automatically updated and sent to our previous purchasers by, Barnes and Noble, and by our own sales outlet through Davidson